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One of the most important elements for your project success is the location; whether it is the location for your new project, or it is the location to expand your current business. There is a lot of information that will help you in your location quest; such as traffic data, population structure, and people’s life style in the area. Even information about purchasing power, income rates, and safety levels will be very helpful for you.

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If you are looking for office facilities, shop on a dynamic street, quick service kiosk inside a mall, distinctive drive through location, integrated buildings for specialized activities such as schools, or even a piece of land to establish a commercial building, we are here for you.


Our mission does not end by finding the perfect location for your project. There are still the lease contract negotiations, which is as important as site selection. It is very important to have a specialist team to discuss these issues on your behalf, and draws your attention to things you are unaware of.

To ask for perfectly qualified location selection service that will conciliate the chosen style of your project, please call us, or use service request template above.

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